neither left, nor right, but a third position:

mission statement for: new vision of third position

if love is the answer, and equity is the expression, then "third position" is the (political) philosophy
"third position" defined. NV3P is focused on spiritual regeneration of people, building self-sufficiency, and exploring ideas for changing our trust relationships for interacting with our neighbors:
    "If you don't have a moral question in your governing process, then you don't have a process that's going to survive." - Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper, Turtle Clan.
    Isn't the idea of "ecclesia" defined as a community of "called out ones?"
    How can we build self-sufficient communities if we ourselves have not yet "come out of babylon" so to speak?
    If our vision is leadership into self-sufficiency, then we are free to invest in people which builds community. Resulting in sustainability built on interdependent group benefit: aka a Fraternal Benefit Society
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