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q-1: is "SET-APART WAY-WALK MISSIONS" the name of your business, ministry, non-profit, or "some other type of entity"?

a-1: no. that is the name of one of the projects with the mission of "hospitality fellowship". hospitality fellowship is a care-giving mission formed under authority of the new covenant spiritual kingdom of yahuwa-shua the annointed, after the order of melchizedek. it is registered in heaven, a natural foreign-excepted mission [in the spirit of the definition in 508 of I.R.C. re 'exceptions' to the 'rule' that requires application for 501c3 exemption status]. any gifts made to "hospitality fellowship" may receive a receipt upon request if mailing location is provided. the full lawful name of "hospitality fellowship" is:
the office of the sovereign (overseer) a corporation sole and his successors, over/for the popular assembly of hospitality fellowship, an unincorporated [church] assembly, in the nature of ecclesia.

q-2: do you know of anyone in _________ with whom you are in contact with, or are on this portion of 'the journey'?

a-2: this question goes straight to the heart of one of our prime directives -- i.e. getting people connected and working together in 'embassy' in their local communities). if you'd like us to add you to our private list, and give us permission to share your contact information to anyone else who asks to be put in contact from others in your area, then we'll forward your contact information. when we get the forum up, and running, we'll have a section where people can create 'groups' for networking with others in their local area.

q-3: is there any other online forums, local groups or social media I can join and fellowship?

a-3: yes. currently there are no local fellowship groups, but there are several virtual ones. re social media, hospitality fellowship will only be found on MINDS: (, and will never be on Facebook (flakebook) other than the U.S.of.A. vs U.S. page: Hospitality fellowship also has both a general, plus several private forums on Unseen (based in Iceland): sign up for a free account, then click "add contact" and search for "hosfell". To join you'll be acked to review the private, special arrangement offer and a "trustee acceptance" for joining the "sacred" (set-apart) fellowship options there in addition to the general group(s). email: and ask for link to special, private arrangement offer.

q-4: how far away is hosfell from achieving the goals described here?

q-4: very close, as defined here: walking the ecclesia bridge

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